How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Everywhere you go today, cigarettes are not allowed. Not only have many workplaces forbidden smoking, even your favorite bar won't let you enjoy a cigarette with your beer. Worse, your friends and family nag you to stop smoking. The problem is that every time you try to stop smoking cigarettes, it ends in failure. Why?

Why Quitting Smoking Is Difficult

Did you know that the nicotine in cigarettes is one of the most addictive substances on Earth? Did you know that the cigarette companies have spent decades perfecting their product to keep you coming back for more? It is no wonder that for every ten people that try to stop smoking cigarettes cold turkey, nine will fail within the first three months. So, with odds stacked so high against smokers that want to stop smoking cigarettes, what can be done?

Because the nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive, it is important that a smoker that wants to stop smoking cigarettes understands that they are fighting a physical addiction and a habit. Physiologically, a smoker's body craves cigarettes. The nicotine that the cigarette delivers interacts with the brain in a way that makes the brain and body feel good. As a result, a smoker's body is left physically needing more nicotine. This addiction is so powerful that when a smoker decides to stop smoking cigarettes, the body actually experiences withdrawal symptoms like moodiness, restlessness, trouble concentrating, headaches, and trouble sleeping. On top of this physical addiction is the habit - in short, smoking is a part of everyday life for smokers. A cigarette is used to start the day, feels great at the end of a meal, takes the edge off of a hard day's work, and with friends.

Why it is Important to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

The problem with cigarettes is that they are deadly to the smoker and to a smoker's family and friends. Smoking causes heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and death; this has been known for decades. But even the smoker that hasn't experienced these health issues is still having their life stolen from them by smoking cigarettes. Every time a smoker takes a drag on a cigarette, they are damaging their lungs, their heart, and their circulatory system. In addition, the second hand smoke created by smoking cigarettes leads to the same health problems in a smoker's family and friends. That means that for the average family, there is at least one child in the household who is being exposed to the same deadly substances that the smoker is. These reasons alone should be motivation enough for a smoker to decide to stop smoking cigarettes, but if not, learn about the Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking.

There is another excellent reason to quit smoking. Cigarette smoking is an extremely expensive habit. Depending on the state you live in, a pack of smokes can cost between $5.00 a pack to $14.50! That means that a smoker who goes through a pack of cigarettes every day will spend between$1,800 and $5,300this year; and prices continue to go up.

Best Way to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Knowing the health problems that cigarettes create and knowing how difficult it is to stop smoking cigarettes, the question becomes what are the best ways to stop smoking cigarettes?

As discussed before, the bad news is that it isn't easy. The good news is that there are a lot of tools that will make you successful at quitting cigarettes.

There are prescription medications that a doctor can prescribe. These increase your chances of quitting from 10% to 30%-45%. However, these are expensive, and other alternatives are cheaper.

Another remedy that has been available for years is a nicotine substitute. This comes in the form of a patch or gum. These are helpful in reducing the nicotine craving, but these substitutes are habit forming, too.

A smoker that has decided to stop smoking cigarettes not only needs to deal with the physical addiction, they also need to break the smoking habit. A smoker should use a combination of the following to be successful:

  • Set a goal and a date to stop smoking cigarettes
  • Develop alternatives like gum chewing - if you smoke when you are bored or after a meal, substitute the cigarette with a stick of gum or even a toothpick
  • Get your family and your friends to help. Tell them what you are trying to do and ask them to help you stay strong.
  • If you have family and friends that are smokers, make quitting a competition. Adding a little financial incentive to your accountability is one more motivating reason to stop smoking.

One tool that can be less expensive than the patch and prescriptions are herbal remedies. When used on a temporary basis, they are non-habit forming and help the body transition away from nicotine. Even better - they are all natural!

So, if you're ready to stop smoking, we've reviewed the top solutions. Click here to learn more.

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