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Stop Smoking Product Reviews

Thousands of smokers around the world attempt to stop smoking every day. Some of them are successful, but many go back to smoking again, even within a day or two. Studies have shown that using products designed to help you stop smoking can double your chance of shaking the smoking habit for good. With the growth in the number of people trying to quit, there has been a flood of products designed for help with stopping smoking, and it can be confusing to sort out the effective products from the hype. This site was created to inform you about non-prescription products made to help smokers kick the habit and separate those that work from those that are a waste of your time and money. Take advantage of our research to zero in on the best products for stopping smoking which are proven to be effective.

Stop Smoking Products

Whether you have been smoking for a short time or for many years, quitting isn't easy. To stop smoking for good, you will need willpower, support from friends and family, and effective products to help you quit. Some products replace one form of nicotine with a different form, or a "light" version. Don't be fooled; these products can be just as harmful to your health as regular cigarettes. Some replacement aids are even worse for you than cigarettes, as they have higher levels of nicotine, tar, or other deadly gases. The best products to help you to stop smoking do not contain dangerous ingredients, but they are effective at curbing your cravings for cigarettes. These smoking-cessation aids accomplish this with natural, proven ingredients and sometimes with low levels of nicotine that taper off gradually.

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Rank Product Website Price 1 Month Calms Cravings Acts quickly Safe, Effective Ingredients Total Score


nicrx ingredients NicRx $49.95


Detailed analysis


nicorette ingredients Nicorette $74.99


Detailed analysis


nicoderm-cq ingredients Nicoderm CQ $79.45


Detailed analysis


smoke assassin ingredients Smoke Assassin $159.95


Detailed analysis


commit lozenges ingredients Commit Lozenges $85.99


Detailed analysis


smoke deter ingredients Smoke Deter $159.95


Detailed analysis


smoke away ingredients Smoke Away $79.99


Detailed analysis

Why Stop Smoking?

Chances are very good that you already know a number of reasons to stop smoking, but they just aren't quite compelling enough to push you to take that final step. Scientific research studies are finding new complications caused by smoking almost every day; let's review them and other reasons to stop smoking:

• Smoking contributes to the incidence of lung cancer and at least 13 other cancers;
• Smoking is a major factor in heart disease and stroke;
• Smoking can cause chronic bronchitis;
• Smoking can lead to emphysema;
• Smoking can cause cataracts and premature wrinkles;
• Smoking dulls your senses;
• Smoking causes your teeth to discolor and your breath to smell bad;
• Smoking makes your hair and clothes stink;
• Smoking is an expensive habit;
• Smoking sets a bad example for others;
• Second-hand smoke poses health risks to your family members and friends.

Reviews of Stop Smoking Aids

We have invested the time to analyze stop smoking products to determine which ones really work, and which products are not useful or worse, are actually dangerous to use. Take advantage of the information we have complied on this site to help you in your quest to quit - for good. You can quit smoking, and the right product can help you to quit. Very soon you will be enjoying your healthier cigarette-free life.

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