Stop Smoking Aids

Because of the adverse effect and numerous failed attempts in using generic stop smoking aids, one often feels like continuing to smoke is easier than leading a healthy life. It seems convenient now, but, in the long run, there would be irreversible effects to one's health that would leave anyone in regret. Fortunately, there are many stop smoking aids available to help you stop smoking.

Latest Stop Smoking Aids

There has been a lot of press coverage on the latest "pill form" of stop smoking aids such as Zyban, Wellbutrin and Chantix. These stop smoking drugs are available by prescription, do not contain nicotine, and help people to stop smoking.

Using Chantix to stop smoking provides you with mild effects reminiscent of nicotine and eases symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Chantix also neutralizes the effects of nicotine if a person smokes while using this drug - which means that the nicotine "high" or "rush" becomes less pleasurable and inviting.

Using Zyban to stop smoking and Wellbutrin to stop smoking is much different. These latest stop smoking aids are anti-depressant drugs called bupropion. They sometimes help smokers become less interested in smoking cigarettes by alleviating the discomfort that is associated with nicotine addiction.

Natural Stop Smoking Aids

Natural stop smoking aids use a combination of herbs to create a similar effect on the brain as nicotine but they are non-addictive and safe for your body. Natural stop smoking aids also ease the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine addiction. Most natural stop smoking aids use lobelia, which mimics the effects of nicotine on your body but is not addictive. Other ingredients in these natural stop smoking aids help the body deal with the side effects of stopping including "quitters flu," fatigue and stress.

Stop Smoking Aids for Optimal Breathing

Inhalers and sprays are examples of natural stop smoking aids that are being made available to those who do not want to use the generic means. These sprays and inhalers enable users to clear nasal and throat passages that seem to be clogged when they are trying to stop smoking.

Chewable and Attachable Stop Smoking Aids

Those whose smoking addiction is linked to an oral fixation can opt to use gum as a stop smoking aid. The more natural ones would be most helpful since they won't have nicotine. This helps the quitter to avoid becoming addicted to the gum instead of a nicotine stick.

The Best Stop Smoking Aids

The start of smoking came with a conscious decision. Quitting is a larger decision. It should be supported by the best stop smoking aids as supposed to just going cold turkey. The latter would need superhuman effort at times and often ends in relapse. So for best results, find a stop smoking program or herbal stop smoking aid to help arm you as you battle your addiction and seek to win a healthier life.

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