The Psychological Basis of Nicotine Addiction

The psychological basis of nicotine addiction is a known fact by the many smokers who find that their need for cigarettes goes far beyond the physical. When you smoke for a long period of time, the cigarettes develop into a part of who you are - you keep them with you like you would your wallet or purse.

Psychologically, when you stop smoking cigarettes or begin treatment for nicotine addiction it is common to grieve over the loss of that part of your life. The psychological basis of nicotine addiction also finds that it's not unusual when you quit smoking cigarettes to experience one or more of the stages of grief (denial, bargaining, anger, sadness, guilt, and acceptance) as you adjust to a new way of life without nicotine.

The Addiction to Cigarettes is More Than Just a Nicotine Addiction

When you smoke you identify certain aspects of your life - such as driving, watching television or talking on the phone - with smoking. When you quit smoking cigarettes you may start to identify with all of the places and circumstances where you once smoked and will crave a cigarette when those circumstances occur. For instance, after you finish a meal, or when you are driving in your car or sitting in front of the TV you may feel a strong urge to smoke. The urges are not necessarily rooted in the physical.

Overcoming Psychological Nicotine Addiction

Since you smoke over the course of the day and night, you may be confronted by many of these situations, such as smoking when you go out for a drink or have a cup of coffee in the morning. When dealing with the psychological elements of nicotine addiction, these associations "trigger "your craving for nicotine and you will be feeling many different emotions during this time. You may have to change your daily routine, perhaps start a new way of life to prevent these triggers from happening.

One thing is certain, you are not alone. It is okay to feel these emotions; it is normal as you try to free yourself from nicotine addiction. There is also a physiological basis of nicotine addiction. Learning this may assist you in coping with nicotine addiction and give you the tools to finally give up your nicotine addiction for good.

Herbs that counteract nicotine addiction

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