Treatment for Nicotine Addiction

Many nicotine addiction treatments are available to you for over-the-counter purchase or by prescription. Research these products carefully to find the treatment for nicotine addiction that will benefit you the most as you strive to become nicotine free.

Nicotine and Addiction

Nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine gum, the transdermal patch, and nicotine nasal spray use nicotine as a treatment for nicotine addiction. One problem that arises with these products is that you may become dependent on the product because of the nicotine in them. Many people use nicotine replacement therapy for far longer than prescribed and in turn become addicted to the replacement therapy.

Nicotine Addiction Treatment Drugs

Stop smoking drugs are a non-nicotine treatment for your nicotine addiction. Stop smoking drugs are available only by prescription and work by cutting out the pleasure that smoking a cigarette brings and by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral Treatments for Nicotine Addiction

Behavioral treatments have also become more widespread in the treatment for nicotine addiction. Basically, behavioral methods are used to discover high-risk relapse situations, create an aversion to smoking, develop self-monitoring of smoking behavior, and establish coping responses. Support from family, friends and a therapy group also enhance the effectiveness of this treatment for nicotine addiction.

Using Herbs to Treat Nicotine Addiction

Using stop smoking herbs is a natural treatment for nicotine addiction. Mixtures of herbs calm your nicotine cravings and help manage your withdrawal symptoms.

One of the herbs that help with your treatment for nicotine addiction is Lobelia. This herb produces effects similar to nicotine on the central nervous system and also acts as a calming influence on your body. The other ingredients combine to ease the effects of withdraw, which include anxiety and nervous tension, digestion and respiratory difficulties, and fatigue.

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