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If you want to stop smoking, it's not a battle you should fight alone. The addictive qualities of nicotine make it a giant, difficult obstacle to surmount and you need all the help you can get to overcome it. The problem with nicotine is that this particular addiction has a unique effect on your body and brain compared to other addictive substances. It triggers strong reactions with specific neural receptors that only respond to nicotine - they aren't affected by other drugs like heroin or alcohol. And when you deprive those receptor cells of nicotine, they make your brain go crazy. For most people, the impulse to give your brain the nicotine it wants is stronger than their free will. This is why it's seemingly impossible for most people to quit smoking.

For years, companies have been pushing products to help you stop smoking. We're sure you've at least heard of them, if you haven't already tried them yourself. There's nicotine gum, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, nicotine nasal sprays, and even prescription drugs like zyban and Chantix. Unfortunately, most of these products don't work, and many of them are choc full of harmful ingredients that aren't so great for your health, either.

That's why NicRX is such a breath of fresh air. Admittedly, when we first decided to review this stop smoking product, we figured it'd be just another in a long line of pretenders. We've reviewed dozens of different smoking cessation products on this site before, and most of them have minimal success at best - and are complete failures at worst. These experiences have left us a little jaded, so we weren't getting our hopes up for this one, either. But we were wrong.

NicRX not only helps you stop smoking once and for all, but it contains an all-natural blend of ingredients that helps you quit safely and easily. That, of course, begs an important question: can a natural, herbal supplement work better than a prescription drug when it comes to smoking cessation? To really evaluate NicRX, it's important to put it in context. That's why our first step was to compare it to one of its leading prescription competitors: Chantix.

Compare Chantix with NicRX

Since NicRX is an herbal formula, no prescription is required for treatment. However, don't mistake this as a weakness or a warning sign. One of the biggest misconceptions is to assume that prescription products are more effective than their non-prescription counterparts. In fact, many times the opposite is true.

For example, Chantix is one of the most popular prescription stop smoking drugs. However, this prescription drug isn't natural, and it's loaded with potential side effects. Common Chantix side effects include nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, blood disorders, immune problems, cardiac disorders, and gastrointestinal malfunctions. These are just a few of the side effects.

And let's not forget the hassle and inconvenience it takes to get a prescription drug in the first place - on top of the expense! First, you have to make an appointment with your doctor, which could end up being days or even weeks away. Then you'll have to sit down and have a discussion with them about how you've tried to quit smoking, and whether or not Chantix is for you.

Believe it or not, doctors don't always automatically hand out a Chantix prescription right away. They may ask you to take other steps first before jeopardizing your health with a harsh, chemical drug. You may also not be able to take Chantix if you have serious health problems or if it would cause an adverse reaction with any of your current medications. Lastly, you may discover that your body simply cannot handle taking this drug. Many smokers who have taken Chantix have suffered the side effects mentioned above to such an extreme extent that they simply cannot keep taking it.

NicRX, on the other hand, is an all-natural product that you can feel safe taking. It addresses the problem of smoking addiction from a natural standpoint, helping your body get off nicotine safely. Because it is a natural product made from herbal ingredients, you won't experience the side effects you would get with a prescription drug. There are thousands of ex-smokers right now who are cigarette free thanks to NicRX. Best of all, they didn't experience any adverse symptoms. And they have NicRX to thank for that.

NicRX Ingredients

The NicRX blend is what truly separates this stop smoking product from an overcrowded market of failed products. Included in this herbal product are lobelia herb, passion flower, skullcap herb, eleuthero root, sarsaparilla, peppermint leaf, safflower, and ginger root-to name a few.

These herbs work closely with one another in order to create a powerful synergistic effect which counteracts your nicotine addiction. They trigger biological reactions in your body which attack your cigarette cravings from multiple angles, such as:

  • Stress and Anxiety - Most people smoke to alleviate stress and irritability. But with NicRX, the anxiety and distress you would feel without a cigarette will be a thing of the past thanks to relaxing herbs like passion flower, skullcap, and peppermint leaf.
  • Nicotine cell receptor stimulation - As we mentioned earlier, nicotine addiction is unique because it stimulates very specific receptor cells in the brain. But many of the ingredients in NicRX formula - lobelia herb being the most potent one of them - bind to those nicotine receptor cells and tricks your brain into thinking that nicotine is already in your body. This satisfies your cravings and prevents you from wanting to smoke.
  • Detoxification - Many of the ingredients in NicRX have been used for decades in order to detox the body and improve overall health. The herbs in this formula help reduce inflammation and lung irritation while improving liver function. They also accelerate the speed at which your body cleanses itself of both nicotine and all of the other harmful, carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes.

Best Price NicRX

Unlike other stop smoking products, NicRX won't make a huge dent in your pocketbook. In fact, a one month supply of this all-natural herbal remedy costs under $50 and when you buy a four month supply, you get two free! No other herbal smoking product is as effective or as affordable.

If you're looking for a product that will finally put your nicotine habit to bed, we recommend you try NicRX today.

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