Is it Time to Stop Smoking?

Many people struggle with the physical and psychological side effects of smoking cigarettes. You too may be suffering and wondering, "How do I know when it's time to stop smoking?"

There are a multitude of reasons to stop smoking cigarettes. They go from the obvious - cancer - to more personal reasons that may be very important to you. Everyone is different. The time to stop smoking may come to you gradually or in a flash.

Best Time to Stop Smoking

Here are some examples that may help you decide that it's the best time to stop smoking:

  • It's bad for your health and you don't want to risk dying young.
  • You want to embark on a healthier lifestyle
  • You want to get in better shape.
  • You're pregnant and you don't want to harm your baby.
  • You want to be a better role model to your kids and make their environment safer.
  • You're tired of being addicted to nicotine, tired of being held a prisoner to smoking.
  • Smoking cigarettes is becoming too expensive.
  • Your clothes, hair, house and car reek from cigarette smoke.
  • You feel like a social outcast having step outside your work building or friend's house just to smoke a cigarette.
  • Someone you know has died from a smoking-related disease.
  • Your friends have already stopped and are worried about you.
  • You simply can't enjoy the food you eat because you can't taste it.
  • You want to feel cleaner, have fresh breath, cleaner teeth and fingers.
  • You really can't smoke when you want to because of all the restrictions applied to where you can smoke.
  • It's just time to stop.

Time to Stop Smoking

If you have tried to stop smoking in the past and have become irritated at every little thing that goes wrong and then blame it on your not being able to smoke, it's probably time to stop. You are going through nicotine addiction and you can get treatment for nicotine addiction and find out the top tips to stop smoking.

Ask yourself again: How do I know when it's time to stop smoking? Take a look around you at your family, friends and, most importantly, yourself. The decision is there for you to make.

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