Reasons to Stop Smoking

Truthfully, in addition to nicotine addiction, stubbornness may be the primary reason why some people can't stop smoking. For some smokers, a hacking cough or incessant cold may not be sufficient reasons to stop smoking. Most people don't realize how fatal smoking can be until it hits close to home or actually kills someone they know. Even when this is the case, denial can still set in. However, for most people family serves as one of their most compelling reasons to stop smoking.

Pregnancy or Existing Children

In the case of some men, driving reasons to stop smoking can include a pregnant wife as well as existing young children. It is a well-known fact that second-hand smoking is worse than actually smoking the cigarette yourself. So, when the husband accompanies the wife during her pre-natal visits, the doctor often advises the man to try to stop smoking for the sake of their family's future.

In the case of women who have smoked most of their lives, children also tend to be at the top of the list among their most convincing reasons to stop smoking as well. Since mothers can have the greatest affect on their children if they continue to smoke, most new mothers embark on the process of stopping their nasty habit without thinking twice about it. Visit our stop smoking aids article.

Impending or Current Illness

For the majority of single people, impending or current illness ranks high on list of reasons to stop smoking. But most of the time this can be a cause to relapse once they get a clean bill of health. However, for some, a higher awareness of overall health or wellness is reason enough to kick the nicotine habit. Plus, kissing someone who tastes like an ash tray can be a turn off for singles on the dating scene. So, for single people, pure vanity may serve as another one of the compelling reasons to stop smoking.

Reasons to Stop Smoking: Final Word

Whatever reason one should choose to stop smoking, kicking the nicotine habit is a rewarding decision that can help former smokers enjoy their lives for many years to come. Plus, getting rid of that awful smell and terrible aftertaste isn't that bad either.

Our site is dedicated to helping you stop smoking, whatever the reason. Check out our articles on6 Ways to Stop Smoking to learn more!

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