What to Expect When You Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is easily as addictive as heroin or crack cocaine. Most tobacco products also contain other chemical additives which have been shown to cause health problems as well. When you decide to stop smoking and cease loading nicotine into your system, your body will experience some very real withdrawal symptoms. If you have smoked for quite some time, both your body and mind are conditioned to expect the input of nicotine and the pleasurable routines with which it is associated.

Physical and Emotional Side Effects of Smoking Cessation

For those addicted to nicotine, the drug works by signaling the brain to increase the level of adrenaline in the bloodstream. The adrenaline then tells the body to go into a survival mode known as 'fight or flight'. This dumps fatty sugars into the bloodstream and fools the brain into thinking you are not hungry.

Once nicotine is no longer coming into your system, you may also feel a lock of concentration. Plus you may feel irritable, shaky, angry, and you could possibly have trouble sleeping. Additionally, you may notice that your breath is nasty and you may experience nausea or constipation. All of these symptoms, both physical and emotional, are normal and you can deal with them. Stop smoking herbs relieve the mental and physical side effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Mental Challenges Associated With Quitting Nicotine

At some point in the process of giving up smoking, you may question why you ever decided to stop smoking at all! Don't be alarmed, though. This is completely normal. Just don't give in to the urge to smoke. Eat a carrot or some celery instead. Above all, try not to take your irritability, nervousness, depression or anger out on those you love. If you must explode, do so in a safe place - hit a pillow, not your spouse.

There Is Light At The End Of This Tunnel - And It Isn't a Lit Cigarette!

As you walk the road to kicking the nicotine habit for good, remember to take good care of your body while you are going through the withdrawal process. You will find that, one day, you'll wake up and not reach for a cigarette at all. Before you know it weeks and months will have passed and, at some point, you won't even be able to remember the exact date you quit. When you've reached this stage, consider yourself an absolute victor. You've won!

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