Quit Smoking Programs

There are numerous quit smoking programs available to you. These programs work differently for each person. Some smokers use one program or a combination of programs to help them with their nicotine addiction. With no program, 95% of smokers fail to quit.

Nicotine replacement treatments

Nicotine replacement treatments are one of the most recognizable of the quit smoking programs. The treatments include: nicotine gum, transdermal patches, nicotine nasal spray and inhalers. The problem with nicotine replacement is that nicotine is addictive and you are replacing one form of nicotine for another.

Herbal stop smoking products

Herbal stop smoking products are supplements to help you with your nicotine addiction. These stop smoking herbs work by reducing cravings and easing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Aversion therapy

Aversion therapy is when a smoker self administers a mild electric shock from a normal 9 volt battery as he or she smokes a cigarette. Most pharmaceutical companies today are reluctant to add an aversion therapy option to their helpful products.

Free Quit Smoking Programs

Another quit smoking program is through telephone support at 1-800-QUIT NOW. This program offers free support from a trained counselor who will speak with you whether you are prepared to quit smoking or just thinking about it.

The American Lung Association offers their Freedom from Smoking Online. This popular smoking cessation program is offered free and is there to help you to quit smoking cigarettes and ease your nicotine addiction.

Nicotine Anonymous offers face-to-face discussions on your efforts to quit smoking. This quit smoking program can be accessed by calling directory assistance and asking for your local chapter. Nicotine Anonymous is based on 12 steps and the meetings are free.

Getting into one or more of these quit smoking programs may help you stop smoking and free you from your nicotine addiction.

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