Natural Way to Stop Smoking

There are numerous ways one could go kicking the nicotine habit and probably even more stop smoking aids to help them along the way. But for some people the concept of a natural way to quit smoking is limited to going cold turkey. However, the abundance of natural resources we have available have made it possible to make herbal stop smoking products that would help a smoker end his suicidal habit without the aid of prescription stop smoking drugs, nicotine replacement therapy or other harmful substances.

Natural Remedies to Stop Smoking

Aside from being completely void of nicotine, natural remedies to stop smoking also eliminate most of the side-effects that many quitters experience. There is no need for someone to subject themselves to harsh and expensive stop smoking drugs or point a stop smoking laser to chakra points in order to stop smoking.

Good natural remedies to stop smoking will include:

  • Lobelia - tricks nicotine receptors into thinking that they are receiving nicotine, but is not addictive when used as a short term stop smoking aid. Lobelia does not increase blood pressure and heart rate the way nicotine does.
  • Passion Flower - used traditionally for relaxation, Passion Flower can relieve the jitters of nicotine withdrawal.
  • Peppermint - has been used for centuries to promote detoxification
  • Ginger root - since ginger root soothes the stomach, it relieves the upset stomach that nicotine withdrawal can cause.

Our recommended product incorporates all of these herbs - learn more.

Natural Stop Smoking Aids

As mentioned earlier, natural stop smoking aids lack the nicotine often found in their counterparts. Because a complete withdrawal from nicotine has some pretty intense physical and emotional side effects, a number of stop smoking aids utilize small amounts of nicotine. However, natural stop smoking aids tend to rely on Lobelia Herb, an ingredient which has the same affect on the brain but without the addiction. As soon as the brain is freed of its addiction, then quitting would start to become rewarding. Plus, other herbs like Passion Flower and Skullcap Herb help quitters to deal with the irritability, anxiety, and nervous tension common when stopping smoking.

Natural Way to Stop Smoking Benefits

The health benefits of a natural way to stop smoking include an overall improved disposition as well as completely enhanced wellness. If a smoker suffers from bad breath, insomnia, or headaches caused by stressors, then being relieved of these symptoms can also increase their positive point of view. This is crucial to be able to handle external pressures as well as aid in one's overall quality of life.

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