Free Stop Smoking Programs

Scores of stop smoking programs are available - from web-based programs to face-to-face programs. The cost of these programs can vary from free stop smoking programs to costing hundreds of dollars.

Many health plans and worksites provide free stop smoking programs and treatment for nicotine addiction and some health plans cover the cost of medications to help you stop smoking cigarettes. Check with your insurance carrier or employer for more information.

Many free stop smoking programs come in the form of courses from people who have experience on this subject. Some of these will also be from doctors while there are other courses taught by people who have overcome nicotine addiction on their own and want to communicate their story to others who are trying to stop cigarette smoking.

Free Stop Smoking Aids

The American Cancer Society offers a variety of free stop smoking aids online. They will send you an abundance of reading material regarding the harmful nature of smoking cigarettes, and also free stop smoking tips. The American Cancer Society's free stop smoking aids can be extremely motivating, especially if you are already beginning to feel the harmful effects of smoking.

Free Help to Stop Smoking

You can also try investigating what the local health centers in your neighborhood offer. These programs are usually sponsored by non-profit organizations. These stop smoking programs have a similar approach to those that are used to battle alcohol and drug addiction.

The local church and other civic groups in your neighborhood may also have a variety of workshops or programs that could offer ways to stop smoking. Check out the bulletin boards in your church or civic center or ask a representative if they offer programs for those who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes.

Free Stop Smoking Programs: Final Word

You could also take things into your own hands and make a list of all the reasons why you should stop smoking cigarettes. You can make a list of reasons and along side of that a list of benefits. If possible, include your family or friends when you are making this list. They may be able to give you support and a different perspective to your addiction to nicotine.

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