Commit Lozenges

Commit lozenges use nicotine as a way to help you stop smoking. The lozenges allow controlled amounts of nicotine to enter your system at a slower and less concentrated speed than a cigarette. You must first completely stop smoking before using Commit lozenges.

Before you use Commit lozenges to stop smoking, it is very important to make a plan. Very few smokers can stop on their own, cold turkey. Most people require a more involved treatment plan.

A solid plan will include a deadline to stop smoking, the help of your family and friends, the understanding of the challenges that you will face on that date and beyond, getting rid of all tobacco related items from your home, car, and work place, and speaking to a doctor if you are using prescribed medication.

Commit Stop Smoking Lozenges

If using Commit stop smoking lozenges sounds like a good way to kick your nicotine addiction, here are a few things you should know:

  • You are not supposed to eat or drink 15 minutes before using, or while the lozenge is in your mouth

  • You are not supposed to use more than one stop smoking lozenge at a time or use lozenges in quick succession due to a risk of side effects that include hiccups, heartburn and nausea

  • You are not supposed to use more than five stop smoking lozenges in six hours, or more than 20 lozenges total per day.
  • Commit Lozenge Side Effects

    Taking more than the recommended amount of the Commit lozenge can lead to serious side effects due to nicotine overdose:

    • Diarrhea
    • Dizziness
    • Headache
    • Heart palpitations
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting

    Also, beware of Commit lozenge side effects even when taking the lozenge as recommended:

    • constipation
    • coughing
    • diarrhea
    • flatulence
    • headache
    • hiccups
    • indigestion
    • insomnia
    • irritation of the teeth, gums and throat

    The problem with all nicotine replacement therapy products such as nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and nasal sprays, is that they use nicotine as a treatment for nicotine addiction. There are other quit smoking aids and free quit smoking programs that do not use nicotine to help you quit smoking cigarettes.

    Commit Lozenges Alternatives

    Stop smoking herbs provide an alternative to nicotine replacement therapies such as Commit. Herbal products do not use nicotine to assist you in treating your nicotine addiction. Stop smoking herbs offer an all natural alternative to the nicotine replacement therapy stop smoking programs. The herbs create an effect on the brain that is similar to nicotine and they are non-addictive and non-toxic to your body. Stop smoking herbs also ease the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine addiction.

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