Free Nicotine Patch

It’s that time of the year again—the time when everyone starts making New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is to stop smoking. It’s also one of the most difficult to keep. Smoking is a strong addiction that can be challenging to overcome. That’s why people look for assistance in their quest to stop smoking.

One popular stop smoking tool is the nicotine patch. By placing these nicotine patches on your body, the belief is that your urge to smoke will be curbed over time. In fact, some companies offer a free nicotine patch to demonstrate the ease of wearing a nicotine patch. However, the free patch from NicoDermCQ, for example, does not actually contain nicotine.

But how well do these nicotine patches really work? Read on to find out.

Habitrol Nicotine Patch

The Habitrol nicotine patch is undoubtedly one of the most popular in its class. According to their marketing literature, the patch helps you quit smoking by slowly reducing your nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Whenever your body feels too low on nicotine, the patch releases a bit into the bloodstream. The idea is that slowly, but surely, your body will get used to having less and less nicotine in it. Finally, you’ll end up completely weaned off of it. Or so they say.

While Habitrol does have trial sizes of their nicotine gum, they do not appear to have a free nicotine patch offer.

Nicotine Patch Side Effects

It’s worth noting that many of the top nicotine patches often produce undesirable side effects. Common side effects include headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, nausea, chest pain, breathing problems, anxiety, and irregular heartbeat. Furthermore, some people have nicotine patch allergies. The skin becomes red, and their body becomes severely irritated by the patch. If this ever happens, you need to contact a doctor right away. Nicotine patch allergies can produce damaging results.

Does the Nicotine Patch Work?

At the end of the day, this is the only question that really matters. And the answer is inconclusive. For some people it works, and for others, it causes severe side effects. Not to mention, the patch program can become fairly expensive. Even with a free nicotine patch to start, the program takes several months, and the cost is more than most people can afford.

We recommend using natural stop smoking aids. They’re more effective, safer, and more affordable than most nicotine patches.

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