Stop Smoking Injection

Putting off stop smoking is the worst thing that a smoker can do. The longer one is a smoker, the more difficult it becomes to quit using generic means. This is what most smokers have experienced in the past and some continue to experience to this day. A stop smoking injection is supposed to be quicker than other stop smoking aids. While the recipient needs to endure only one shot in order to stop smoking, follow-up treatment consists of two weeks with a patch and oral medications to ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

In the simplest terms, a stop smoking injection would make the brain inhibit the sensory memories that it had stored regarding the "good" effects of nicotine. Once the brain stops recognizing nicotine as a good thing then one would have little to no urge to smoke again.

Scopolamine Injection to Stop Smoking

A scopolamine injection helps to stop smoking by blocking the nicotine receptors in the brain. The brain is the main component involved in any addiction. So, when it comes to smoking, the brain is the real enabler. The friend who offers a cigarette to a person who is trying to quit can't shoulder the bulk of the blame. This is because the brain is the organ that recognizes nicotine as something it needs to function well. So, a stop smoking injection would have to work effectively to combat and put to death the lethal relationship between the brain and nicotine.

Stop Smoking Injection Side Effects

Scopolamine decreases neural activity in the brain and has been used as an anesthetic, for motion sickness or as a temporary treatment for Parkinson's disease. The common side effects of a stop smoking injection include blurry vision, confusion, dry mouth, dizziness, and difficulty urinating. Rarer side effects include delirium, excitement, fever, hallucinations, light sensitivity and temporary blindness.

Stop Smoking Injection Cost

The stop smoking injection cost includes an office visit, testing, the shot, and two weeks of a patch and oral treatment. Testing must be done to see if you are healthy enough to receive a stop smoking injection. Pregnant women and those with heart conditions are among those who cannot receive a stop smoking injection. The total stop smoking injection cost is $350 - $500.

Stop Smoking Injection: Final Word

One cigarette has the ability to start an addiction, so it would be nice if a single injection can rid you of it as well. But just as a smoker who has stopped using nicotine replacement therapy may relapse, so the effects of a stop smoking injection may not be permanent. However, herbal stop smoking products and similar programs to stop smoking also produce stop smoking results with far lower costs and side effects. An injection should only be pursued as a last resort.

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