Free Stop Smoking Aids

If you're a student looking for free stop smoking aids, try your school's health clinic. Many will offer nicotine replacement therapy (commonly known as "the patch") free or at a reduced price. Non students should try their doctors for free samples of the stop smoking drugs Chantix, Wellbutrin and Zyban.

Also, many health plans and work sites provide free stop smoking aids and treatment for nicotine addiction. Some health plans cover the cost of medications to help you stop smoking. Check with your insurance carrier or employer for more information on free stop smoking aids.

Free newsletters are another source of free stop smoking aids. These materials may come in handy even after you stop smoking as a resource or just a reminder of why it was such a good idea to stop smoking in the first place.

Free Stop Smoking Programs

Visit the American Cancer Society's website to view their offerings of free stop smoking programs.

The local church and other civic groups in your neighborhood may also have a variety of workshops, programs or free stop smoking aids. Check out the bulletin boards in your church or civic center or ask a representative if they offer programs for those who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes.

You can also try investigating what the local health centers in your neighborhood offer. These programs are usually sponsored by non-profit organizations. These free stop smoking programs have a similar approach to those that are used to battle alcohol and drug addiction.

How to Get Free Stop Smoking Aids

Another method to find free stop smoking aids is to look on the websites of companies that offer stop smoking products. They sometimes offer free trial runs with their product. You may discover natural ways to stop smoking or other stop smoking drugs.

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