Zero Smoke Scam

Zero Smoke is advertised as a smoking cessation device which uses the power of a magnetic field to stimulate the body's neurotransmitters to reduce the urge to smoke. The company that manufacturers Zero Smoke offers a 14-day free trial with a required payment of $6.95 for shipping and handling, since they are so sure that users will find the product to be effective in helping them to quit smoking. But in actuality, the 14-day free trial is nonexistent, because a customer must provide a credit card number to start the "free trial," and the company bills the credit card for the full amount of the purchase price. In many cases, customers were actually billed the $39.95 full product price even before they received the product in the mail.

Free Zero Smoke

There's no such thing as a free lunch, which the Zero Smoke offer so aptly illustrates. For customers who have fallen for this advertising ploy, they are out the $6.95 shipping and handling and are on the hook for $39.95 for the full cost of the Zero Smoke product, of which the $39.95 may be refunded after they have already paid it and if the product is returned to the company within 14 days. Having to pay for a product up front with the promise of a refund at a later time is NOT the same thing as a free trial!

Zero Smoke Reviews

While some smokers report success using the Zero Smoke magnets in helping them to stop smoking, many more users either found the Zero Smoke did not eliminate their cravings for cigarettes, or worse, caused complications that caused them to have to stop using the product. The science behind the Zero Smoke product, which is linked to the ancient medical arts of acupressure and acupuncture, is fairly sound. There is some controversy, however, as to whether this premise is of sufficient strength to address the powerful effect of nicotine addiction, and to address the very real symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, which can include headaches, digestive issues, irritability, elevated stress levels, insomnia, and fatigue. Some Zero Smoke users reduced their cigarette usage, but were not able to stop smoking, and others developed painful reactions to the Zero Smoke magnets, which included rashes and sores that took days to heal.

Zero Smoke Complaints

By far the greatest quantity of complaints and negative reviews of the Zero Smoke program involved the company's use of the misleading "14-day free trial offer." A large number of customers were charged the full amount of $39.95 on their credit card after attempting to sign up for Zero Smoke's advertised "free trial," which stated that they would only be charged the nominal shipping and handling fee of $6.95. If the customer decides to return the Zero Smoke product for a refund, they must do so within the rather short 14-day window, and they are not refunded the $6.95 shipping and handling charge, so the trial is not in actually a "free trial" as the company states.

Zero Smoke Alternatives

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