Herbs to Quit Smoking

When people think of methods to quit smoking they usually think of remedies or programs such as nicotine replacement treatments (NRTs), which include nicotine gum, the transdermal patch, nicotine nasal spray and an inhaler. These treatments use nicotine in small doses to help you with your treatment for nicotine addiction.

Others think of the pill form of quit smoking products such as Chantix, Wellbutrin and Zyban, which must be prescribed by a doctor. But maybe you should look into an alternative method such as herbs to quit smoking.

Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

There are many herbs to help quit smoking on the market. A quit smoking herbal remedy uses a blend of herbs to help you defeat the withdrawals, cravings and other side effects you may suffer due to your addiction to nicotine. Herbal stop smoking products depend on natural ingredients such as:

  • Lobelia - acts as a temporary nicotine replacement
  • Passion Flower - promotes calmness and relaxation, which will help with the irritability you may experience
  • Peppermint leaf - has relaxation and detoxification powers
  • Ginger root - aids in digestion and relieves the nausea that nicotine withdraw sometimes produces
  • Skullcap - used in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension
  • Eleuthero Root - combats stress and fatigue and helps boost the immune system
  • Elderberry Flower - protects against inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
  • Echinacea Purpurea - helps stimulate the body's resistance to infection, disease, fever and blood poisoning
  • Safflower - contains anti-tumor properties

Natural Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

Although there are no easy ways to stop smoking, there are a multitude of natural herbs to help you quit smoking that you can try that are not nicotine-based like the nicotine replacement treatments. To quit smoking naturally, all you have to do is educate yourself on the natural herbs to help you quit smoking and choose the supplements that will benefit you the most. And of course, be determined to become free of nicotine addiction.

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