Quit Smoking Herbal Remedy

We've already established that nicotine is highly addictive and much harder to kick the habit than alcohol or even cocaine. Smoking cigarettes - to get that nicotine "high" that you mentally and physically crave - is also the cause of lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, voice box (larynx), throat (pharynx), esophagus, bladder, kidney, pancreas, cervix, stomach, and some leukemias.

Although there is no easiest way to stop smoking there are a multitude of quit smoking herbal remedies that you can try that are not nicotine-based. Other remedies such as Nicotine replacement treatments, which include nicotine gum, the transdermal patch, nicotine nasal spray and an inhaler, use nicotine in small doses to help you with your treatment for nicotine addiction.

Quit Smoking Herbs

A quit smoking herbal remedy uses a blend of herbs to help you defeat the withdrawal, cravings and other side effects you may suffer due to your addiction to nicotine. Herbal smoking cessation products depend on natural ingredients such as:

Lobelia -- an herb acts as a temporary replacement for nicotine as it produces effects similar to nicotine and acts as a relaxant.

Passion Flower -- promotes calmness and relaxation, which will help with the irritability you may experience.

Ginger root -- relieves the nausea that you may feel as you quit.

Skullcap - used in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension.

Eleuthero Root - combats stress and fatigue and helps boost the immune system.

Sarsaparilla - treats liver and skin problems, as well as the physical stress some quitters experience.

Elderberry Flower - helps protect against inflammation of the upper respiratory.

Quit Smoking Herbal Remedy: Final Word

If you want to completely flush your system of nicotine and don't want to go cold turkey, a quit smoking herbal remedy may be your best option. There are also many other quit smoking programs that you can research.

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