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You could go anywhere in the world and talk to anyone about smoking and they would tell you that it's bad for you. This truth is so pervasive that you can go anywhere and even the children know that smoking is bad for your health. This is largely because society as a whole has decided that this habit which goes back hundreds of years is something that just has to be eradicated from the modern world. And, as a result, these lessons are being taught to the youngest amongst us in the hopes that we can train generations of kids in the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, the producers of cigarettes and other tobacco products have other ideas and, as they battle against the fight against them in the developed world, they are also moving their focus to other, less educated populations, in other parts of the world. Primarily this can be seen in the growth of smoking sales in many parts of Asia and beyond.

These efforts are largely possible because the allure of smoking is an age old thing that, despite all of the efforts to demonize it, still makes itself appealing in the basic fact that smoking is and nearly always has been seen as a sign of rebellion. This has historically made it very appealing to younger people who always seem to want some way of showing that they are different from the adults in their worlds. Unfortunately, this is also the opening that producers need to get young people addicted to the key ingredient in smoking products which is nicotine. And, once this is done it then becomes very difficult to give up the habit. But, for those who, at some point, finally do want to make the break with smoking the question then becomes how to make that happen.

The good news is that, after many decades of trying to find solutions to this problem, there have been a number of developments which have led to a variety of different solutions. One of the things that has shown itself to have a strong argument in terms of pure sales is the invention of the smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette. The problem with this option is that, like nicotine the patch and gum, they are not truly products designed to wean the user off of nicotine. Instead they are actually just providing a different method for the delivery of nicotine and, many studies show that they do not work when it comes to getting most smokers to quit as often advertised.

Still, other methods utilize a more natural approach which does not rely on replacing one delivery system for nicotine with another. Instead they generally use a blend of all-natural ingredients designed to relieve the cravings for nicotine while allowing the body to free itself from this addictive substance. When successful, these products allow the user to naturally cleanse their entire body including their major organs of all of the toxins contained in cigarette smoke.

The one real problem that has come about in the wake of these advancements is the fact that the industry which produces all of these products now finds itself flooded with literally hundreds of newer products as just about any entity with the capacity to produce the product and bring to market is doing so as a way to cash in on what has become a multi-billion dollar industry. And, as it turns out many of these products have now been proven to be often far less effective in getting results and sometimes even far less safe than the best products that this market has traditionally offered. Needless to say this has resulted in a great deal of confusion and frustration among many consumers as they struggle to figure which of all of these potential solutions has the best chance of helping them kick the habit and achieve a new and smoke free life.

With all of this information in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about smoking cessation products out there today - it's called Be Gone Smoking.

About Be Gone Smoking

Be Gone Smoking effectiveness

This product which is made and distributed by a company of the same name based in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. In a nutshell, Be Gone Smoking comes in the form of a pill and is made with a set of all-natural ingredients. The basic concept behind the formulation is simply provide the user's body with a host of elements designed to quiet the effects of nicotine withdrawal which allows the body to cleanse itself by dampening the severe detrimental effects of nicotine addiction.

Be Gone Smoking Ingredients

A close look at the core list of ingredients in this product show that they are all in wide use within the all-natural realm of the smoking cessation product marketplace. Specifically, they include the active Homeopathic ingredients Caladium, Daphne, Nux vom, Plantago, Staphysagria and Tabacum. The listing of inactive ingredients includes Sucrose and Lactose to form the pills.

Research, Studies And Testing

There is no debate as to whether or not having access to the listing of ingredients in any product is a good thing but younger consumers may not realize that this was not always the case. This is true because we can all now readily see what's in the products that we consume and can determine if it contains the elements we most desire and allows us to avoid those which are not desired due to potential medical concerns such as allergies. Still, one can find much more important information in the results of any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been performed during the development stages.

Taking in all of the available information gathered from the maker of Be Gone Smoking as well as numerous other outside industry sources we did not find any data that we found credible or verifiable as to any reports that would support the many claims being made for Be Gone Smoking as a product.

Independent User Reviews

Going back to the days when there was no such thing as the internet most consumers were pretty much dependent on the information provided by the seller but now today's consumer have the benefit of the experiences of millions and millions of consumers around the world who are offering reviews of nearly all products and services out there. But, seeing that these comments could have a negative effect on their businesses many sellers have become involved in pushing their own narratives through user reviews which has now caused many consumers to doubt the results of their searches. This has led to what is now rightly called a process with a large degree of obvious and inherent bias. For this reason we always seek out sources of independent user comments.

Based on a survey of numerous industry related websites with no apparent connection to Be Gone Smoking or its maker plus a long list of online chat rooms and forums with a significant history of talking about smoking cessation products we located a large cache of independent user reviews for this product. Our calculations of the overall user satisfaction ratings showed conclusively that the vast majority of those surveyed did not have a high opinion of their experience with Be Gone Smoking.

How Safe Is Be Gone Smoking?

A thorough review of the ingredients shows that they are all in wide use in such products. Still, it is highly advised to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.

How To Buy Be Gone Smoking

As of the time of publication the seller has not provided this product with its own official product site but consumers can find it on a number of well-known online retail sites including and Pricing varied across these platforms so some research for the best price may be required.

Be Gone Smoking Conclusion

For those seeking an all-natural solution to quitting smoking there are a number of highly rated options. To know if Be Gone Smoking was among these top choices we looked at three key factors.

One was the list of ingredients and they appear to compare well with its main competitors. The second was to look at data from research and testing and the lack of any credible reports was a true negative. The final factor dealt with our review of independent user comments and that also proved to be a distinct black mark.

For more information on high quality, top rated smoking cessation products available on the market today, click here.

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