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There is just no getting around it. You've tried to tell yourself that it's just not that bad and probably have been doing just that for years but, in the end, you just couldn't keep deluding yourself that cigarette smoking was really damaging your lungs and probably a whole lot more than that. Now there's no doubt that you've always known this even as a small child but even all of the warnings from the government and nonprofits and your parents and your friends and anyone else who has ever not smoked or found a way to quit weren't enough to make you stop. And now here you are looking for ways to make it happen and, in all likelihood, this is not the first time you set out in search of a way to quit smoking.

The good news is that there are definitely a lot of effective ways to quit smoking but most of them involve a lot of intense willpower and a lot of anguish and frustration before you will ever feel that you are free from the addictive powers of nicotine. And, many of these methods involve merely substituting one form or nicotine injection for another. For instance, the nicotine patch which has become extremely prominent in recent years is designed simply to introduce a slow release formula of nicotine directly through the skin but has been shown to not be very effective in quieting the desire for the feeling of holding a cigarette. This has led to some issues with users getting far too much nicotine because they use the patch and continue to smoke cigarettes at the same time. Obviously, this is not a good thing but there are also a number of other methods which involve attempts to detox the body of nicotine and, thereby, reducing the addictive cravings that come with a high level of nicotine in the bloodstream.

These generally all-natural products have also been shown to be highly effective when they contain the right elements but that is not always the case as many of the newer products in this category have been shown to be far less effective than the very best that this industry has to offer consumers. This is likely to the clamor that has come about as more and more companies try to get in on what has become a multi-billion dollar market.

Another type of smoking cessation product category is one that offers a variety of devices which are designed in a number of ways to either substitute nicotine or reduce the amount of nicotine intake. Although many of these products have shown to be very effective but have also shown to have a number of issues that call their overall user satisfaction into question.

Taking all of these facts into account we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that would likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about smoking cessation products out there - it's called the Filtrim.

About Filtrim

Filtrim effectiveness

A product of the United States, this rather new product offering utilizes a concept which depends on a theory of filtering out what its producers claim to be up to ninety-five percent of toxins known to exist in cigarettes. In essence, the design of Filtrim works by perforating the cigarette in order to create an escape valve by which the toxins are removed before they ever reach the smoker. In doing this the claim is that the smoke continues to get many of the most desired elements of the smoking experience while avoiding the worst of them without ever really realizing that this process is happening. All in all, this means that the smoker can continue to get the physical and psychological benefits of smoking while slowly receiving less nicotine and other toxins. This allows the smoker to incrementally wean themselves off of these addictive elements.

Filtrim Ingredients

Being that this product is actually a device designed to strategically perforate the cigarette in order to release nicotine and toxins before they can reach the smoker it does not actually have any active ingredients that the user will ultimately ingest.

Research, Studies and Testing

There is no question that anyone can benefit from a clear understanding of the ingredients used in a product or, in the case of the Filtrim device, the way it was designed but there is another set of information that can be far more helpful, especially in the case of product that was created to help overcome the addictive aspects of cigarette smoking. This information is the data which can be derived from any research, studies or testing which may have been conducted during the research and testing phase of production. We bring this fact up because it must be noted that this type of research and testing is not always required in all regions of production around the world and even within the United States.

Using a search of all of the data available at the time of writing from both the maker of Filtrim as well as many outside sources in this particular sector of the industry we could not establish any credible or verifiable data which provided any evidence that Filtrim has ever been the subject in any research of testing of this type.

Independent User Reviews

Going back to the days before the internet was available or in wide use consumers were often left at the mercy of many firms and the marketing and advertising agencies that they hired. This was so because, with the benefit of being able to speak to other users of products that they have used except for those that they personally knew, consumers had to rely on the image that the company and their marketers had produced. Still, it must be noted that even though consumers now have much more information than they did in the past many companies are countering this by creating websites dedicated to posting only the most favorable reviews. This being the case it is easy to see how many user review readers are only seeing what is clearly a situation filled with an obvious and inherent bias. For this reason we always seek out other sources of more independent user comments.

Using a search of multiple industry related websites but which have no known affiliation with Filtrim or its manufacturer as well as numerous independent chat rooms and online forums known to discuss products of this type we found many user reviews for Filtrim. Based on a calculation of the user satisfaction ratings it became clear that a large majority of those independent users did not feel that this product lived up to its many claims in any meaningful way.

How Safe Is Filtrim?

Being that Filtrim is not a pill or other product that uses ingestible ingredients there is no real concern as to how safe it is to use. However, there is the question of its effectiveness and how much it actually does filter out the nicotine and toxins as it claims. With this in mind it is always best to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

How To Buy Filtrim

This product is available for purchase through a wide range of well-known and not so well-known online retail outlets. At the current time the average price of the Filtrim device is $39.99 but is often available for less when purchased with other items.

Filtrim Conclusion

There are many smoking cessation options available today from pills and patches to other devices such as Filtrim. What we wanted to know was how well it stacked up against its competition. For this we looked to just three key aspects.

One was how it was made and there is very little information available. Another was what evidence there was that this product had ever been the subject of any serious research, study or clinical testing and, here, we could find no data that would suggest that this ever occurred. The last aspect had to do with what independent user reviews were saying regarding their experiences with Filtrim and the results could only be described as poor.

All in all, the conclusion is clear that Filtrim has not proven itself one of the top options for those smokers who are seeking a way to safely and effectively kick the habit.

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