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When people start to smoke them usually understand that it's not good for them. Even those who start smoking at an extremely young age always hear about the dangers of smoking even if they really don't have a good understanding of what they mean. Still, no matter when or how anyone starts to smoke everyone knows it's not a good thing and whether they did it on a dare or because they thought it would make them look cool the end result is that they are most likely to end up with an addiction that can be extremely hard to overcome. And, just as bad, as some people see it, is the fact that society in most of the developed world has greatly turned against smoking and smokers to the point where they are constantly feeling the pressure to take their habit and themselves somewhere else other than where everyone else is welcome.

Knowing all of this it seems likely that these smokers have thought about quitting or have made some attempt, even if it was a weak one, to quit. But, as a matter of statistics it was almost certainly doomed to fail. The reason for this is simply that once a person becomes addicted to cigarettes which is essentially a nicotine delivery system it can take numerous attempts and an extremely strong will to stop smoking before they are likely to be successful. The end result of this is that most smokers will give up trying to overcome their addiction. It's for this reason that an entire industry has grown up to come up with a wide array of products that can help smokers get over the hump.

The problem that has come about because of all of the advances in smoking cessation products is that the industry which produces them has become absolutely flooded with what is now literally hundreds of newer products of all types. And, many of them have been proven over time to be far less safe and effective than the very best that the industry has to offer the public. This apparently occurred largely because just about every entity that could produce a product and get it onto the market has done so as a way to get their slice of what have turned into a multi-billion dollar per year industry.

Further, all of these newer products, most of which claim to use the same basic sets of ingredients and offer the same benefits as the industry leaders, are making it more and more difficult for potential consumers to determine which of these far too many choices are likely to get the job done for them.

Keeping all of these simple facts in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about smoking cessation products on the market today - it's called Vitinity Lung Cleanse.

About Vitinity Lung Cleanse

Vitinity Lung Cleanse effectiveness

This product comes in the form of a digestible supplement which is claimed to be made using a blend of fifteen all-natural ingredients designed to detox the whole body including the liver, kidneys, colon and lungs. The key claims focus on the product's ability to restore many of the body's various systems to the previous and more normal modes of operation. Among these claims are that Vitinity Lung Cleanse can work to greatly reduce the amount of mucus in the lungs for easier and more beneficial breathing.

Vitinity Lung Cleanse Ingredients

A review of the ingredients used in the formulation of this product shows that they are a collection of all-natural ingredients which can be found in many other products of this kind, including many of the leading brands in this category of smoking cessation products. It is also stated that the list of ingredients includes a set of essential vitamins and minerals added as a booster of overall health in order to elevate all of the bodily functions to their highest levels.

Research, Studies And Testing

Having a strong understanding of the list of ingredients in any product is always a good thing as it always allows the potential user to see if it contains all of the desired elements as well as an opportunity to see if it contains any elements which might be harmful in any way such as possibly being the cause of an allergic reaction. Still, a far more important set of facts can be found in any data which may have been collected from any research, studies or clinical trials assuming that any has been conducted. The point is that not all producers actually do this type of research or testing as it is not always required depending on the country or region of origin for the product.

In a review of all of the available data both from the producer and several outside sources it could not be established that there is any data based on any credible or verifiable reports that would offer any proof for the claims being made for Vitinity Lung Cleanse.

Independent User Reviews

Anyone who has been around long enough to remember the world before the advent of the internet knows that, in those years, consumers were much more at the mercy of companies and their advertising agencies which worked hard to create a positive image for their products. In those days, consumers had no real or effective way to communicate with each other on a large scale but, with the internet, all that changed with the widespread use of user testimonials and user reviews. With this change most companies began trying to shape the way consumers saw these reviews and the end result was a lot of new websites offering user reviews which were created by and remain under the control of the producer. This obviously creates a high level of bias in these sites and for that reason we always look for more independent sources of user comments.

Based on a survey of numerous industry related websites having no known affiliation to Vitinity Lung Cleanse plus several online forums and chat rooms known to discuss health products of this nature we found a great many independent user reviews. Taking a tally of all of the overall satisfaction rating from these independent user reviews shows that the vast majority of them did not believe that they received any significant or lasting benefit from the use of it even after long term use of a month or more.

How Safe Is Vitinity Lung Cleanse?

Based on the list of ingredients and their wide use of them within the industry and even many of the leading brands there appears to be no reason to believe that there would be a serious health concerns for otherwise healthy people. However, it is always best to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this product.

How To Buy Vitinity Lung Cleanse

At $18.99 for one month supply this product should be considered to be moderately priced compared to most of its main composition. Without a dedicated official product website of its own consumers can turn to a large array of well-established online retail outlets such as to make a purchase.

Vitinity Lung Cleanse Conclusion

When any person decides to either stop smoking or help their body recover from years of the damage done by smoking many of them begin to look for products that can help them quit or reverse the damage done. What we wanted to know is if Vitinity Lung Cleanse was among the best options available on the market today. To make that determination we decided to look at just three key elements.

One was the list of ingredients and here we found that they were rather standard compared to many products of this kind. The second was to look at any data that may have come from research, studies or clinical trials conducted on the product. As it turns out we could not locate any credible or verifiable evidence that this product was ever the subject of this kind of study or testing. The third and final element was based on what independent user reviews had to say and, in this case, it was clear that most user reviews were not satisfied with their experience with this product.

Putting all of the facts together it appears clear that Vitinity Lung Cleanse is not the breath of fresh air that many consumers hoped that it would be when compared to much of its competition.

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