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If you think about it, you may be able to remember what it was that got you started smoking in the first place. It might have been that someone offered you one and you thought that you should take it just to fit in. Maybe it was because you heard that smoking was a way to reduce stress. Maybe you just started a long time ago when it seemed like everyone was doing it and it just seemed like the normal thing to do. Yes, for some of the younger smokers out there it can be hard to imagine the world as it used to be where everywhere you went the trappings of smoking was all around you from ashtrays on every restaurant and bar table and counter top and there was virtually no place you couldn't have a smoke. And, if you went back to the 1960s and even early 1970s you could find jet airliners with ashtrays built right into the arm rests of the seats.

Still, for whatever the reason may be, you have decided to try to stop smoking and break what you and everyone knows is a bad habit that is now out of vogue in most developed societies and, as science has proven over and over again, is very damaging to your health. It may even be as simple as the fact that more and more people are just looking down on you and possibly even shunning you because they just don't want to be around it. So, the question has probably become a matter of how you can quit as opposed to why.

The bottom line is this - you want to quit smoking but the pull of nicotine is strong and it is a struggle no matter what method you choose. So, with all of that in mind let's take a look at one of the most talked about smoking cessation products out there on the market today - it's called Quit Support.

What is Quit Support?

Quit Support

This product was developed and distributed by a company called Quit Tea and is designed to reduce overall stress and promote relaxation. It does by using a blend of essential herbs, amino acids and critical minerals with the intent to relieve the feeling of everyday stress and anxiety which are the prime motivators for smokers in general. It is said to increase energy levels and even promote a more positive mood. It is claimed to do so by using a combination of amino acids SAMe, 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine and Ginseng that work together to help bolster serotonin levels, a mood enhancing chemical produced by the brain, which tend to naturally rise as nicotine levels are reduced in the body.

Furthermore, Quit Support is said to improve lung function with the help of Mullein leaf and NAC which several studies show to be helpful in restoring lung capacity which lead to faster and less difficult detoxing periods. It also increases personal willpower, helps the user to avoid stress and stay calm for longer periods of time in order to help the user to succeed in the goals.

How Quit Support Works

Produced in the form of a pill, Quit Support is designed to integrate its powerful blend of all-natural elements that are far less toxic compared to many of the more chemical based solutions out on the market today. Its natural ingredients are delivered on a time release basis which allows the system to acclimate itself and allow the body to cleanse itself of undesirable chemical agents which leads to the cessation of physical and psychological craving which are likely to have built up over a significant period of time.

Cost to buy Quit Support

Before one can even talk about the cost of a smoking cessation product one first has to acknowledge the cost of smoking cigarettes in this day and age. For instance, in many parts of the United States the cost of a single pack of twenty cigarettes can reach or exceed ten dollars with no appreciable discount for buying in bulk with a ten pack carton. So, no matter what the cost of a smoking cessation product, there is little doubt that the smoker, themselves, is likely to create a significant savings. That said, let's look at the actual costs of Quit Support.

As of the time of publication the known retail price of a one month supply of Quit Support averages about $20.99 and can be found for sale through a wide array of well-established online retail outlets. The instructions note that the recommended daily dosage is set at two capsules and there are some rather standard warnings such as that no one with a medical condition or who may be lactating or trying to conceive or who may be under the age of eighteen or who may be taking a medication designed to deal with allergies caused by elements which are contained in Quit Support. If you believe that you fall into one of these categories then it is highly recommended that you consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Is Quit Support Effective To Stop Smoking?

In recent years many people seeking a way to stop smoking cigarettes have turned to E or electronic cigarettes but the simple scientific truth is that they only act an alternative method of introducing nicotine in the body which, of course, just leads to a perpetuation of the addictive behavior, And, studies have shown that electronic cigarettes can actually end up greatly increasing the amount of nicotine that is being delivered. Still, having to deal with the prospect of having to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes though what is known as cold turkey is hard physically and, in some ways even harder on the user mentally. This is especially true given that the prospects of failure with this method have been proven to be even higher than many or all of the other forms of smoking cessation.

This is why turning to a product such as Quit Support is wise since it does not rely on substituting one form of addiction for another but, instead, utilizes a blend of all-natural elements to help clean out the system of toxic elements and unwanted chemicals which allows the user to kick what could be a long standing habit by rapidly and steadily decreasing the levels of these substances. As a result users will likely see that their cravings to smoke and the need for an injection of nicotine will be greatly reduced or even completely eliminated.

Along the way users will definitely see another thing grow rapidly as they see the money in their wallets expand without the ever increasing cost of cigarettes to drain their finances.

Quit Support Alternatives

Earlier we talked about a number of alternatives for smokers seeking to kick the habit and what we established was that most, if not all of them, either involved simply replacing one injection system for nicotine with another or asked the person struggling with the nicotine addiction to just up and quit cold turkey which is unpleasant and difficult to sustain to completion. And, given that fact that many of these options include a price tag which is about the same as smoking cigarettes themselves this does not seem like a wise course of action.

Still, there are other options which include other sets of elements which do not contain nicotine but which have been shown in multiple studies to be not very effective in achieving success in smoking cessation. The result of these types of products is actually not really any different than attempting to quit cold turkey as they do not allow the body to either keep receiving doses of nicotine or provide them with any support for the symptoms of associated with withdrawal.

Knowing all of this it is likely best for smokers seeking help with quitting to turn to a safe and effective herbal based smoking cessation system which is designed to remove nicotine from the system while providing physical and psychological support. To learn more click here.

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