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Next to losing weight, the quest to stop smoking is one of the most common resolutions in America. Unfortunately, like all the failed diets, there are just as many people who fail to stop smoking. That’s often because they try to undertake this monumental task on their own. The key to success is getting the right stop smoking aid to help you through this difficult time.

Is NicoDyne the right product to help you quit smoking? Does NicoDyne work? These are the questions our NicoDyne review sets out to answer.

NicoDyne Ingredients

Judging by its ingredients, NicoDyne definitely has a leg up on most of the competition. The NicoDyne ingredients include lobelia herb, eleuthero root, passion flower, sarsaparilla, skullcap herb, peppermint leaf, safflower, and ginger root. It’s an all herbal formula that doesn’t require a prescription.

Does NicoDyne Work?

Of course, when it comes down to it, you really don’t care about anything except this: does NicoDyne work? Based on our tests, the answer is yes. NicoDyne does help you kick the habit. It helps you to stop smoking by getting your body off nicotine safely and naturally. Compare this to prescription drugs that are crammed with unnatural ingredients and carry damaging side effects, and you can understand the benefits of an herbal formula.

Free NicoDyne

The makers of Nicodyne are so confident that their product will help you stop smoking that they offer a two week risk-free trial. If it helps you, do nothing, and the credit card you use to pay for shipping and handling will be charged for the price of the bottle. Learn more.

As with all Internet free trials, when you accept a free trial, you are enrolling in an autoship program in which you receive the product at a reduced rate every month. In the case of Nicodyne, you get the product for 20% less than regular retail. Usually people are able to stop smoking forever after three months. You can call anytime to cancel or change your membership.

We called Nicodyne to make sure we were able to reach a real person. We also looked for them on ripoffreport.com and found no trace of unsatisfied customers. Always check out companies offering a free trial on consumer sites such as ripoffreport.com.

For those consumers not wanting an autoship membership, we recommend trying the highly recommended NicRx. This stop smoking product carries all of the features of NicoDyne. Read our NicRx review.

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